"...by the fruit it bears."

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"A tree is known by the fruit it bears..."


We believe that just as a tree is known by the fruit it bears, a company is known by its staff.  Our staff is our most prized possess. Our team is a group of experienced individuals who provide thoughtful programming. Their combined years of youth programming spans over 150 years and counting.  From previous college advisers and teachers to knowledgeable public service representatives and clinical psychologist our team is a think tank.



Our annual Inner City Youth Conferences are held in Chicago and host 300 participants.  Our annual College Readiness Conferences are held every summer for Chicago area youth entering  their sophomore, junior or senior year. Kid's Kafe is an online community of youth against unhealthy choices from poor eating habits to bullying.   Eating Healthy with Peyton, hosted by 5 year old Peyton,  is a monthly event allowing kids to teach other kids about the importance of a nutritional diet.  Our current community engagement project is the result of a Department of Human Services grant designed to reduce delinquency and violence in the village of Dixmoor. "Chicago as a Classroom" a summer program offered in the Robbins and California Garden's area. 

Organizational Philosophy 

We believe we can change the world one child at a time.