Making a World of  Difference...

                  one child at a time. 



Intentionally Impactful....2021

37 YOUTH SERVED during our STEM Fun Day in Robbins, IL;

35 LOCAL YOUTH EMPLOYED as STEM summer program support;  after school program support; youth mentors and/or program assistants;

1,286 MEALS SERVED   full breakfast, full lunch and/or complete dinner to program participants as well as community youth.  When the pandemic hit in March 2020 closing schools, AAYD launched the Healthy Kids program, delivering fresh produce and food to all enrolled youth;

104 MENTORING SESSIONS through the Ivy League Kids eLearning Centers and virtual Leaders Walk Away mentoring programs ;

123 YOUTH referred to wellness visits;    

254 REFERRALS made ( including hotline calls to report abuse, neglect and self-harm). 

Pre and Post Summer STEM assessments showed 100% OF YOUTH RETAINED throughout Summer STEM 2020 increased their knowledge of science related content by at least 50%. Only one child even knew what STEM meant at the start of the program. All retained youth could verbalize what each letter in STEM means by the end of the first week in the program and again by the end of the summer in addition to selected and reporting on their choice for a career in engineering.

100% ALL PROGRAM PURCHASES were made in the areas we serve (whenever possible);

Hundreds of cook county youth and families served through tutoring, after school programming, summer programs, mentoring, group and individual tutoring, parenting classes and, employment training! 


Consider Joining Us

We value volunteers and consider the donation of ones time as one of the most valuable things a person could ever do.  Interested in rolling up your sleeves? We'd love to see you around!