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Ivy League Kids

Ivy League Kids Program

Ivy League is an attitude...Good...Better...Best.

We strive to be the best, do the best, and produce the best results!

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Advancing After-school

Our curriculum includes weekly classes in music, ballet, tap and theater. Partic​ipants have the opportunity to select which fine arts class(es) they wish to enroll. Each fine arts course includes all supplies, costumes, and materials specific to the course. Fine arts courses integrate academics and conclude in a grand year end performance.

Above and Beyond

We go beyond homework help.  We develop a unique After school Program Individualized Education Plan (AP-IEP). We use this AP-IEP to create and support academic goals throughout the year. Depending upon their AP-IEP goals, some participants may spend more time in our academic courses than others.

Athletic Enrichment

One of our goals is to develop programming that will introduce youth to the world beyond their neighborhood. Each participant is introduced to the sport lacrosse. Throughout the school year, lacrosse tournaments are played between teams at neighboring sites. Baseball, tennis, volleyball, and golf are all taught as well.

Accredited Curriculum

Life skills course are taught each week using among others, the “Forward Thinking” curriculum. This curriculum is used to help at risk youth navigate a range of emotions. Based upon the initial assessment and interview, some participants will spend more time in life skills classes than others.