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STEM Summers with AAYD: Imagine Greatest

Imagine a program where everything is hands on. No pencils! No paper!  Every assignment is an activity, and every activity is an adventure.  A place where seasoned engineers help you to create your own robot, where doctors walk you through your first (mock) surgery.  A place where you and your peers don't just learn from biochemists, you walk in the shoes of one.

A warm environment, an inviting culture, and all the fun and exciting learning one can handle!   Our programs are not attended, they are experienced!  

Welcome to greatest!  

Celebrating the 5th Year of Summer STEM!

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Summer STEM 2022:  Earth and Sea

The STEM Experience

Solutions to worldwide dilemmas are tucked away in the imaginations of children.  Innovation is no longer optional, and STEM programming is designed to embrace the unique, creative mind of every child. Working with youths to see themselves as members of a global society helps them realize their power to change the world.

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