"...by the fruit it bears."

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"A tree is known by the fruit it bears..."


We believe that just as a tree is known by the fruit it bears,  a company is known by its' staff.  

Our staff are our most prized possession. Our team is a group of amazing individuals who not only provide thoughtful programming but create an amazing youth-centered culture that intentionally goes beyond the norm. We recruit the best, train the best and expect the best.  Our combined years of youth programming spans over 150 years and counting.  From previous college advisers and teachers to knowledgeable public service personnel and clinical psychologists, our team is a think tank. 



*Programs have been altered due to COVID-19, please call for specifics 

E-learning Sites 

We provide educational sites that support youth K-8th with e-learning in the south suburbs 

For Kids By Kids: Kid's Kafe 

is an online community of youth against unhealthy choices from poor eating habits to bullying. 

"Eating Healthy with Peyton," 

hosted by 8 year old Peyton,  teaches kids the importance of a nutritional diet through workshops, healthy meal creations and organic meal tasting.     

Community Engagement

Our community engagement projects are the result of an Illinois Department of Human Services grant 

designed to reduce delinquency and violence in the villages of Dixmoor, Riverdale and Phoenix and city of Harvey. We work with stakeholders and residents in these areas to identify ways to produce sustainable impact. 

"Voices of Peace," 

is a mentoring program held at Rosa Parks Middle School in Harvey sponsored by the Housing Authority of Cook County,  Safe and Thriving Communities Project and Illinois Department of Human Services. 

The Leaders Walk Away (LWA) Project 

is an exciting new endeavor.  Local "Credible Messengers" provide group mentoring and leadership training to cook county youth in middle schools using the awesome LWA curriculum!  

"Chicago as a Classroom" 

is a technical assistance program assisting cook county home daycare centers in increasing/improving the educational component of their overall programming through workshops and staff training. 

"Wellness Checks for Kids," 

is a project funded by the Illinois Department of Public Health helping adolescent youth and their families to make regular wellness visits. We work with cook county middle schools and local high schools to share health related information via workshops, Public Service Announcement development and parent training.  

Summer STEM Program 

is an 8 weeks hands on adventure held in multiple towns and villages in the south suburban area of Chicago. 

Call us for current, specific information about any or all of our programs. We'd love to hear from you!