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Meet Our Amazing Team of Youth Workers!

Clerical Support Staff

Shaila S.

Shaila was voted as one the "Hardest Workers" of AAYD's STEM 2021.  Punctual and ready for any tasks assigned to her, you can rely on her to get the job done!

Jayera G.

Whether it was running for science experiment materials or printing and organizing curriculum, Jayera is a great support to  all instructors!

Anthony B.

Anthony has been a youth worker through the Ivy League  E-learning program as well as STEM 2021.   He can responsibly handle his clerical tasks, and be a kid-favorite coaching on the courts!

Group Instructors

Lashay H.

Lashay has completed her 3rd year as a STEM Instructor.  Loved by not only her group, but all participants of camp, she is treasure to have in the workplace!

Troy M.

Bright and optimistic, Troy will find a way! Not all science experiments work out the way you'd expect, but you can count on Troy to have a fun game to play with his group and make the best of everyday.

Keundra D.

Leadership is no easy task, especially when you take your assignments seriously.  Keundra is a natural leader with the ability to teach her group anything while having fun!

Briana M.

Briana's busy classroom is always bustling with action!  Whizzing through experiments and creating quiz games and crafts on her own, it is never a dull moment with Briana!

Group Instructors

Diacos L.

Working in Diacos' group means you better bring your 'A' game!  As an honor student Diacos loves challenging his group and pushing them to do their best!

Frankie S.

Caring and cautious to ensure every participant is having a great day, Frankie is a friend to all.  Always greeting and checking on how you're doing, it's easy to feel ready to learn with Ms. Frankie!

Liz N.

Exceptionally bright and dedicated to her position, Liz is a problem solver that can do it all with a smile!  Her positivity and kindness gives confidence to the kids to be all they can be even when it isn't easy!

Zack S.

Patience is a difficult skill to master for most--but not for Zack!

With his calm demeanor and readiness to take on any task, Zack was the "go-to" for anyone needing additional support, in or out of the classroom.

Group Instructors

Ameena B.

As everyday comes with it's unique circumstances, having someone as reliable as Ameena is a must!  Flaunting flexibility as a floater, Ameena works at multiple sites and positions, transitioning with ease!

Lyric Q.

Lyric's ability to complete her work fast and efficiently is unmatched!  Able to make any project her own, kids and management alike are always impressed by how well she could handle any project.

Jonathan A.

Artistic and creative, Jonathan brought his classroom to life!  Kids respond well to his positive influence, his unique style and love to journal by drawing in their STEM notebooks as he did.  Teaching taken to the next level by not just reading, but illustrating lessons is an awesome experience!

Junior Youth Workers

Mariah C.

Walking into the classroom everyday with a smile, Mariah brings the sunshine to STEM camp!  Youth sought her out to play games, teach them her drawing techniques and classroom assignments because she was always there to help!

Nia S.

Always a blast to have in the classroom, Nia is full of laughter and fun!  Dancing, singing, and playing at the park, Nia's energy was contagious to all!  Campers loved to see what fun was in store with Nia!

Jalia M.

Excited to work her first job, Jalia put her best foot forward at STEM camp!  Helping to organize, clean, and keep the youth on schedule, daily activities transition smoothly with this hard worker around!